Portunus (KI-supported intelligence)

AI Supports Intermodal Network  

The right product, at the right time, at the right place – and all at the lowest possible cost. In logistics, that is the standard. It gets more challenging when complicated ancillary conditions have to be observed, for instance for the major task in transport logistics that Logwin Solutions Austria has been successfully completing for an international customer for many years.  

Project Figures per Month 

72 freight trains  
2,400 wagons 
2,800 containers 
56,000 pallets 


Pulling Out All the
Planning Stops

Planning monthly transports in line with the customer’s requirements had previously taken four working days for the Logwin team of experts in Salzburg. The introduction of Portunus, the AI-supported modeling and optimization tool, enabled the laborious process to be largely automated, thus minimizing planning time to only half of a working day. The results is an optimized allocation between rail and truck transport as well as shipping that takes into account the complex requirements of the customer.  

One additional requirement is the allocation of the sea transits to the participating shipping companies. For every journey, the number of containers per destination has to be divided into a defined ratio according to the regulations of the customer; the maximum allowable deviation is 3%. 

The process harmonizes the following interdependent criteria:

Shipping schedule and ship location
Train schedule
Availability of goods
Desired delivery date in recipient country
40" container type (box or reefer)
Capacity at the loading location
Weight limitations
Different load capacities of truck, train, and container

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