Customs Simplification / Security

Authorized Economic Operator

The Certification of companies as Authorised Economic Operator is a major component of the EU's initiative on customs security. The aim is to securely organize and protect all supply chains from threats. Recognized AEO's are considered as particularly reliable and trustworthy. Among other things, they have the possibility of obtaining approval for customs processes throughout the EU without having to undergo renewed certfication. 

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AEO Certificates in the Logwin Group

The following Logwin companies are certified as Authorized Economic Operator of the European Union. With their AEO-F status they meet the current highest requirements of the World Customs Organization. AEO-F (full) combines the simplifications in customs law of the AEO-C (customs) status with the security-related conditions of the AEO-S (security) status.


CompanyLogwin Air + Ocean Deutschland GmbH
Certifikate No.DE AEO F 100825
Effective since20 July 2009
Issued by               Hauptzollamt Schweinfurt
CompanyLogwin Solutions Neckartenzlingen GmbH
Certifikate No.DE AEO F 100901
Effective since2 October 2009
Issued by Hauptzollamt Ulm


CompanyLogwin Air + Ocean Italy S.r.l.
Certifikate No.IT AEO F 09 0074
Effective since19 May 2009
Issued by Ufficio Regimi Doganali e Fiscali Area Centrale Gestione Tributi

The Netherlands

CompanyLogwin Air + Ocean The Netherlands B.V.      
Certifikate No.NL AEO F 0000221
Effective since9 April 2009
Issued by Dutch Centre of AEO


CompanyLogwin Solutions Austria GmbH 
Certifikate No.AT AEO F 096CE066
Effective since20 February 2009
Issued by Zollamt Salzburg


CompanyLogwin Air + Ocean Poland Sp. z. o.o. 
Certifikate No.
Effective since14 April 2009
Issued by Warszawa IC