Florian Stroh - From Internship to Team Lead

From Internship to Team Lead 

How did you come to Logwin?

I started at Logwin in 2015 as an intern preparing for the dual study program. Today, I work as a Team Lead in the Master Data Management department. The department, which is part of Accounting + Taxes, is responsible for the centralized organization and maintenance of customer and service provider master data worldwide.  

What happened after the internship? What is your career here at Logwin like?

The internship at Logwin was my start into the dual study program. At that time, the technical foundations of business administration and logistics were laid at the university. In addition to these theory-based phases, I had the opportunity to work in many different departments and locations during the practical phases in order to complete a practical training. After graduation, I then became part of the CargoWise project team. That was a new, exciting, but also challenging time for me. In addition, in 2019, I took over the position as a consultant in the area of Master Data Management to actively support my colleagues from the specialist department. After CargoWise was successfully rolled out in all stations worldwide, I have now been Team Lead for Master Data Management since summer 2022 and coordinate all topics in this area.   

What makes working at Logwin so special for you?

I particularly like the versatility and internationality of my tasks. We process worldwide inquiries in various systems, which include both the operational transport management systems and the financial accounting systems. This creates a well-balanced variety in the daily tasks.  

What is your personal strength and how can you use it in your daily work?  

One of my strengths that sets me apart is my balanced and patient nature. This allows me to think about tasks calmly and complete them conscientiously - even when everyday life gets hectic.  

Which of the 4 Logwin attributes close - competent - committed - international do you identify with the most and why?  

Personally, I identify most with the attribute "international", because I very much appreciate the diverse cooperation with colleagues, customers and service providers from locations around the world that results from the different framework conditions.   

Is there a dream destination that is still on your bucket list?

My dream is to go on safari in Africa.


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