The AirTextainer: an all-rounder for Fashion Logistics

Today a suit or dress is travelling thousands of kilometers from the sewing machine to the shop. The world of fashion knows no boundaries, with production and consumers continents apart. Fashion labels and logistics service providers have to face these special assignments. On time to the fashion sale the garments have to be neat and in perfect condition on the shelf or on the clothes rail. 

Since 1994 Logwin uses a special packaging for the transport of fashion products: the AirTextainer. In this special transport box clothing can be carried space optimised, warily and virtually ready for sale. 

The floor of the special box consists of a wooden pallet with insertable fastening lugs. Bars and rods anchored there form the frame, and fourfold reinforced corrugated cardboard and weather resistant film make up the covering. There are no screw connections required, which makes assembly and disassembly child's play.

Loading and unloading with garments is simple since the box can be served from all sides. Variable clothes rails allowing cord to be fastened for hanging the clothing mean that the space inside can be used flexibly. Long coats and dresses as well as blouses or trousers can all be accommodated.

The Logwin AirTextainers are suitable in particular for speedy air freight. Robust and light at the same time, the box is available in different sizes tailored to your needs.

Type / SizeSMLXL
Dimensions120 x 100 x 158 cm180 x 110 x 158 cm230 x 150 x 158 cm230 x 150 x 220 cm
Tara weight42 kg92 kg136 kg160 kg
Freight weight316 kg521 kg910 kg1,265 kg
Capacityapprox. 90 men`s suits / 360 blousesapprox. 150 men`s suits / 590 blousesapprox. 260 men`s suits / 1,030 blousesapprox. 365 men`s suits / 1,430 blouses