Logwin AG

5, an de Längten
ZIR Potaschberg
6776 Grevenmacher
+352 719 690-0

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Company data:

Capital: EUR 131.300.000
Company Seat is Luxembourg, registered at: R.C.S. Luxembourg B40.890
VAT registration number: LU 15339851

Logwin AG is represented by:

Board of Directors (executive):
Dr. Antonius Wagner (Chairman), Sebastian Esser

Executive Committee:
Dr. Antonius Wagner (Chairman), Sebastian Esser, Thomas Eisen, Hauke Müller, Axel Steiner

Responsible for journalistic and editorial content:

Dr. Antonius Wagner, c/o Logwin AG

Website Concept, Design and Development:

This information applies for the usage of the web page

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