Logwin offers perspectives

Exchanging ideas across continents and making a difference together: It is the variety of tasks and areas of responsibility that make working at Logwin truly exciting. Our tireless commitment to our employees in terms of their training, further education, and qualification enables them to face every challenge with confidence and success.

From good to better

With Logwin Elements, we have developed a program to identify and nurture individual talent. Cutting-edge training methods with a strong practical focus are incorporated into everyday processes—for sustainable success!

Logwin Elements covers the entire employee life cycle within our company:


Through onboarding, we provide targeted support to our new employees in each phase of their integration. Employees benefit from future-oriented and targeted training right from the start.


Our development programs create the conditions for identifying and developing the potential of our employees. Development goals and measures are jointly defined in personal discussions.


But even outside of career planning, our employees will find extensive training and education opportunities to expand their specialist or job-specific knowledge.


Employee development is a continuous process based on regular exchange and feedback, which allows us to identify and define the development potential of an individ

How young talents become qualified professionals

With our 12-month trainee program, which is available to all Logwin employees who commit to our company for at least one year, we provide young talents with the tools they need for a successful career.

During a rotation period through various departments, our talents initially gain cross-departmental experience with a focus on sales/distribution. Internal and external workshops in conjunction with Logwin's international program are also included in the training. This produces solution-oriented and well-networked young professionals equipped with the right set of skills for an international career with the Logwin Group.

You have questions about our advanced training programs? We are happy to provide you with detailed information:

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