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Logwin as a company and the employees are engaged in charity and volunteering initiatives around the world also in times of pandemic as part of the international charity programme.

Logwin employees in Brazil packing food packages for a children's hospital in São Paulo.

Grevenmacher (Luxembourg) - Taking responsibility, improving living conditions and initiating social processes - these are the hallmarks of Logwin's charity programme. 

Logwin has had a close partnership with the children's rights organisation “Save the Children” since 2011. Due to the still very tense situation in India, Logwin is donating a further five-figure sum to Save the Children's Corona Emergency Relief Fund. This is the second time this year that Logwin has provided financial support for this important project to combat the pandemic in India. 

In addition to the global partnership with Save the Children, Logwin also attaches particular importance to local social responsibility and active involvement at its international locations. The support of social activities by individual employees or whole teams in our different country organizations is a matter close to our hearts, both through personal commitment and financial support. 

Johannesburg - South Africa
Public primary schools in South Africa usually receive little support from the state and are dependent on school fees paid by parents - even in normal times, only a third can be paid this way. The global pandemic, in which many people in South Africa have also lost their jobs, is complicating the situation. For this reason, Logwin employees in Johannesburg - in addition to many donations in kind and food - organised a joint Care Day at a primary school in Johannesburg for children aged 4 to 13 on 22 October this year. Besides rugby, tennis, netball and hockey for the older children, the younger ones enjoyed creative handicraft activities and a bouncy castle. It was an emotionalday full of joy for both sides that will remain in the best memories of our staff.

São Paulo - Brazil
GRAACC is a hospital in the city of São Paulo that specialises in the comprehensive treatment of children with cancer and offers additional support to the families affected. Children from all parts of Brazil are provided with modern treatment options here - even if the families themselves cannot pay for it. Logwin Brazil has been supporting the hospital for a number of years by organising events together with the local children in order to give them some joy, at least for a little while, during difficult times. Since such a gift of time was not possible this year due to the pandemic, some employees volunteered to pack small care packages after work. In total, over a tonne of essential food could be delivered to the hospital in October.

Mexico City - Mexico
The non-profit organisation Asociation Pro Personas con Paralisis Cerebral (APAC) has been working for people with mental health problems, among others, since 1970 and tries to counteract the enormous impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on society with an "After Covid Programme". APAC cares for about 500 people every day, many of them come from poor backgrounds and are in need of free help. The After Covid Programme mainly consists of respiratory therapies as well as psychological care for these people. Every three weeks there is a volunteer day where outsiders can get involved in different ways. On 02 December 2021, volunteers from Logwin's Mexico team joined APAC members and patients in planting trees and other plants in the common areas to demarcate the wheelchair passageways and create a greener environment for patients and their families. In addition, Logwin supported the campaign with a generous monetary donation.

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