Your perspective as a professional

Your skills deserve to be matched with the right tasks. In our company, we offer you the opportunity to change, drive, and shake things up. We operate globally, openly, and with an innovative spirit. Diversity in the make-up of our teams serves as the basis for this.

Whether a business specialist, skilled worker, or university graduate, everyone has their own special qualities, which synergistically combine to keep a company like Logwin on course for success

Individualized tasks

As an experienced professional in the logistics industry, you know that mobility, flexibility, and focusing on one goal are the recipe for sustainable success. These are exactly the characteristics that distinguish us as a team and as a company. As a team, we think and act in a solution-oriented manner and prefer taking "short paths". In doing so, we rely on common ground and individual input in equal measure.

And we believe in time-tested principles such as leading by example. Both as a team and in dealing with our customers. This reflects our employee culture, which is based on motivation, fairness, and personal dialogue.

A shift in perspective

Under this motto, as a global team, we offer you exciting and challenging tasks with plenty of potential for development—nationally as well as internationally. Be it on a project, specialist, or management level, joining Logwin will kick-start your professional development. In addition to positions in logistics and freight forwarding, a number of internal departments such as IT, finance, process management, accounting, HR, and much more are available to help you realize your interests. You will be supported through our comprehensive training and qualification programs, which will give you new impetus and broaden your professional perspective.

You are a professional and have questions? We are happy to inform you in detail:!