Dedicated to the team

We want our employees to feel at home in our corporate community. A positive attitude toward their work, colleagues, and customers forms the basis for a corporate culture that thrives on openness, respect, and mutual support. By offering a wide range of sporting and community events, we create a framework that helps this culture grow even stronger.

Our experience shows that one's own well-being and the well-being of others go hand in hand. Therefore, our responsibility toward our employees does not end at the company gates. We are always there for each other and take our social and societal responsibility as a business seriously. We consider corporate social responsibility to be about much more than our own image. In other words: We have understood what is important as an employer in the 21st century.

Logwin Racer on the move

Whether on land, water, or bike—small and large Logwin teams are active all over the world.

Because sport brings us together: Joint exercise enhances team spirit, improves the working atmosphere, and is simply a lot of fun. The fact that it also increases one's fitness is a welcome side benefit, which we are happy to promote by offering health training and workshops to our employees.

Being ready to help

As a company, we have a heightened awareness of our role in society, which involves taking responsibility for the common good, helping to improve the living conditions of people around the world, and launching social initiatives.

We develop and support campaigns and aid projects worldwide. It is important for us to get as many Logwin employees involved as possible.

Logwin practices a charity concept with strong employee involvement: We support employees directly in their volunteer work. In addition, we support international aid projects recommended by our employees. When it comes to charitable giving, we also consider it very important to be close to our employees and appreciate their social commitment.

Here is a small selection of projects we currently support as part of our charity concept:

Children of the rising sun in Kenia

The orphanage Children of the rising sun in Kenya has been continuously expanded since its opening in 1994. Through the expansions, different possibilities for the children's education and care have been created. Our colleague Michael Krause is involved in the project for several years and flies regularly to Kenya to visit the children and helpers and supports them with donations in kind.

Save the Children, India

The recent Covid-19 developments pose immense challenges to India, not only impacting our more than 100 Logwin employees in 9 Indian branches, but also posing major problems to public life and society.
Our long-standing partner, the children's rights organization Save the Children, has responded to the latest developments by setting up a Corona Emergency Relief Fund India. The main aim is to support particularly vulnerable children and their families. The focus of the fund's work is education and support for immunization campaigns.
Under the motto "fast and uncomplicated", Logwin has made a generous financial donation to this project.

Support APAC, Mexico City, Mexico

Our colleagues in Mexico supported the non-profit organisation Asociation Pro Personas con Paralisis Cerebral (APAC) in early December as part of a volunteer campaign. APAC cares for about 500 people every day, many of whom come from poor backgrounds and are in need of free help. Together with APAC members and patients, trees and plants were planted in communal areas to demarcate wheelchair passage areas and to create a greener environment for patients and their families. It was a great day for everyone.

Care day, Johannesburg, South Africa

Our colleagues in South Africa organized a joint Care Day at a primary school in Johannesburg for children aged 4 to 13. In addition to handing out donations in kind and food, rugby, tennis, netball and hockey were on the agenda for the older children, while the younger pupils enjoyed creative handicraft activities and a bouncy castle. It was a great day for both sides and one that our staff will remember fondly.

São Paulo, Brazil

For several years now, Logwin Brazil has been supporting a hospital in the city of São Paulo that specialises in the comprehensive treatment of children with cancer. As the pandemic meant that no joint event could take place this year to give the children at least a little joy for a while, some employees volunteered to pack small care packages for the patients after work. All in all, more than a tonne of essential food could be delivered to the hospital in October.

We also maintain a long-standing partnership with Save the Children. This international children's aid organization is represented with stands at Logwin events around the world. Our employees have already developed various support measures together with representatives of Save the Children in joint workshops.

At Logwin, we have a great tradition of combining employee events with support for social projects and goals. One example is our participation in the worldwide Wings For Life Run 2022, whose purpose was to promote international spinal cord research.