This is us

Making a difference as a team. Making the impossible possible. Finding the best solution. These are the challenges we must meet every day all over the world. Get to know us. We are looking for applicants worldwide and offer exciting tasks, good working conditions, and a motivating corporate culture.

What defines us

Our daily work involves collaborating across networks. Our employees with diverse talents work together on a global scale on customer projects, IT rollouts, and the continuous optimization of our processes. Team cohesion is the key to our company's success. Our employees are encouraged to exchange ideas as well as further their education and development across disciplines, generations, and borders.

Those who work at Logwin have their finger on the pulse of our globally networked economy. We depend on employees to courageously accept the tasks and seize the opportunities that our international business offers. Experts who know how to ply their trade, whether in operational tasks, distribution, IT, or administration. We place great importance on modern and well-equipped working environments and provide an efficient infrastructure accordingly. The attention paid to compliance and corporate social responsibility in the best sense form the basis form the basis of our employees' welfare and their ability to excel professionally. Engaged workers are productive workers.

The following four attributes sum up our corporate spirit:

Close by

Employees need clear ideas and goals in order to be engaged with their daily tasks. We are a company with clear goals. We know the people we work with. We are close to the market and the needs of our prominent customers.


As a global service provider, we think and operate internationally. To do so successfully, we embrace diversity. We maintain an open corporate culture and foster individuality. Our company considers equal opportunity an all-important principle.


Competence is more than just mastering technical processes, for it also requires adaptability and the flexibility to integrate new solutions into existing structures. Our openness to new ideas helps us translate innovative thinking into sustainable action.


At Logwin, people work for people. For us, dedication means a fundamentally positive attitude toward colleagues and customers. Based on this principle, we also support a wide range of social and community projects.

This is us.