Special network for retail

From fashion to cosmetics and modern electronics, we deliver directly to the point of sale – quickly, reliably and on time. After all, our logistics network for the retail sector specialise in this area.

Logwin manages the transport of goods into stores with a particular focus on Austria, Germany, Romania and Spain. Other countries are closely connected to the same retail network. Logwin also provides additional services, carefully tailored to customers’ requirements and the needs of the industry.

Logwin offers:

  • Supplier management
  • Europe’s largest specialist network for the transport of hanging garments
  • Inner-city supply with short delivery time windows
  • Supply of goods ready for different departments and store shelves
  • Transfer of goods between stores
  • Returnable container management
  • Returns management
  • Stocking shelves and displays
  • Unpacking pre-picked goods ready for sale in the shop