Export Control System (ECS)

Regulations for transhipments/deliveries in/to Europe, Switzerland, and Norway: New EU regulations for risk analysis and control of cross-border movements of goods have been in effect since 1 January 2011.

The EU regulations are being introduced in the respective electronic customs systems of all EU member states as well as in Switzerland and Norway. While there will be differences in the practical implementation of such, a central European database for risk analysis is working in the background so that differing results will be avoided.

Changes for exports

The electronic AES process in ATLAS EAS has been used for exports from the EU since 1 July 2009. Use of the one- or two-step procedure ensures that the risk analysis conditions are met and there are no additional changes to export clearing and settlement with the introduction of ECS.

Possibilities for export clearing and settlement:

  • Economic operator’s own creation of export declarations via
    • the one-step procedure; directly at the export customs authority (border customs authority) for goods valued up to €3,000
    • the two-step procedure; independent of the value of goods with the locally responsible export customs authorities (inland customs office).
      Important: Registration in these cases must occur 24 hours before collection by the forwarding agent and the possibility for goods inspection by customs must be guaranteed.
    • the IAA+ Portal on the homepage of the German Customs Authorities:
      Important: The customs participant requires an Elster certificate for this from Elsteronline.
      This possibility for clearing and settlement is especially interesting for small or medium-sized businesses with low export volumes. For companies with larger volumes we recommend applying for a software connection with a customs software provider.
  • Creation of the export declaration by Logwin.
    We are happy to put together the export declaration for you after receiving the complete shipment data and a power of attorney for customs and we will take care of the export clearing and settlement of your export shipment.

According to Article 226 CC-IP, generally no export declaration is required for shipments with a total value of less than €1,000.