Up to date for retail and fashion

Rapidly changing trends and seasonal peaks are nothing special for retail companies. The same is true for our logistics. As a fast and flexible partner, we make sure that shelves are replenished and manage warehousing as well as many additional services.

In the area of fashion and lifestyle, Logwin is a market leader for hanging garment logistics in Germany, Austria and Spain.

Logwin’s services


  • Global procurement and production logistics
  • Distribution logistics with store logistics
  • Garments-on-Hangers (GOH) transport
  • End-to-end intercontinental connections

Logistics and services

  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Global supply chain management
  • Textile finishing
  • Quality control
  • Value-added services:
    • Attachment of security tags
    • Labelling and relabelling
    • Placing on hangers etc.