Secure air freight – Logwin puts second X-ray scanner into operation

No queues for consignors – a second X-ray scanner has been available to Logwin's customers at its Stuttgart location since the end of March.

Grevenmacher (Luxembourg) – The logistics service provider Logwin has invested in a second X-ray scanner for inspecting air cargo shipments. The equipment went into operation at the end of March at Logwin's facility at Stuttgart Airport. This is where the logistics specialist processes most air freight exports for its German customers. The freight forwarder had already put its first own X-ray scanner into operation back in March 2012.

The second unit will mean that Logwin is well-prepared for the period after April 29, 2013. It is on this day that over 40,000 businesses in Germany will lose their status as Known Consignors; only a small fraction of them have gained certification in accordance with the new EU regulation. "According to our analyses, the volume of freight that will be legally classified as unsecured will increase eightfold at our location," explains Werner Sander, Location Manager at Logwin in Stuttgart. "Third-party equipment would not be sufficient to inspect all consignments in a timely manner." 

The freight forwarder can declare its customers' air freight shipments as 'secure' at other sites in Germany, too. Logwin operates equipment together with three other forwarding companies at the airports in Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf. Logwin purchased the unit in operation in Düsseldorf. Customer shipments are processed by the equipment by order of their arrival and depending on how urgent they are.

Queue-free processing

Logwin will be using its X-ray equipment in Stuttgart for its own customers only. Businesses from a variety of industries will thus benefit from the fast and reliable processing of their air freight shipments. Consignments generally arrive at the airport between 4.30 pm and 8 pm. "We promise our customers to inspect their consignments and send them on their way the same evening," explains Werner Sander. "One X-ray scanner is currently sufficient for this task, but it will only be possible with two units from the end of April."

The first X-ray scanner has been in operation for one year. "The purchase of this equipment paid off from day one," says Werner Sander. "We had actually expected significantly lower utilisation in the first year." A lot of customers have also indicated that they will be exporting more consignments via Logwin as of April. Other companies have decided to work with Logwin because of its X-ray scanner.

In-house verification

About five per cent of all shipments cannot pass through the scanner, either because they are too large, their contents cannot be scanned or because X-rays would damage the goods. In Stuttgart, Logwin uses its own ion detector to inspect these consignments. This saves some customers twice the amount of time. "If you haven't got such a device the consignments that need to be verified must be passed on to the next service provider, which means more waiting for the consignor, which we can avoid," says Werner Sander.

About the new EU regulation
EU Regulation 185/2010 changes the relationship between forwarding agents and consignors of air cargo. In the past the latter only had to sign a declaration of security in order to be able to ship their cargo as "Known Consignors" without additional inspections. Now, in order to ship air cargo without additional inspections, certification by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA – German Federal Aviation Office) is required with immediate effect.The new regulation came into force on April 29, 2010. However, the approximately 40,000 "Known Consignors" at that time were allowed to continue as such for a three-year transition period. This status will be lost in April 2013. According to some estimates, around only half of the companies will apply for LBA certification. The result is elaborate inspection procedures at airports and possibly holdups at terminals.

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