Logwin to be sponsor and logistics partner of the open cycle race on 1 May

Eschborn/Frankfurt/Aschaffenburg - The logistics provider Logwin is for the first time official sponsor and logistics partner of this year's open cycle race around the Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt (Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt). As part of its involvement, Logwin is making a special offer to transport participants racing bikes.
What triggered this involvement by the Aschaffenburg-based logistics company was the successful participation by a Logwin company team in the 2016 open race – a tremendous experience for all those taking part. The participation in the cycle race resulted in a series of sports initiatives instigated by Logwin last year. Logwin wishes to enable employees to participate in sporting events as part of a Logwin team.‎‎ In addition to this, Logwin has been organising regular health days in which interested employee can have their fitness levels tested using medical analysis methods, and be informed about healthy nutrition and modern training methods. The health days – and the increasing number of initiatives emerging from them such as run coaching – are being professionally supported by the Hubert-Schwarz team from Nuremberg.
Logwin's involvement in the Frankfurt event is based on its enthusiasm for cycle racing, but also for an operative reason. Logwin has been specialising in the transportation of bicycles for several years now and operates its own transport network in Germany. The service from Logwin covers bicycle collection from dispatchers, transport-safe packaging using a special transport box when required, and delivery to the recipient. A majority of the bicycles are being delivered to wholesalers and specialist retailers, but also to private individuals. Logwin's air and sea freight network also gives it access to more than 35 of its own country organisations through which many bicycles and bicycle parts have already been transported, e.g. from China to Germany. Logwin transports around 400,000 bicycles annually across its national and international network.
Logwin has come up with a special offer for every participant in the open cycle race on 1 May: a bicycle transport service. Any participant within Germany can request Logwin to transport his/her racing bicycle to the start/finishing area in Eschborn. By providing this offer, Logwin wishes to assist those participants who otherwise are unable, or have problems, transporting their bikes. The transported bikes will then be handed over at the start/finish area in Eschborn on the day before the race. Further details will be available soon from Logwin and the event organiser.
Details about Logwin services and its transport network will also be available at the start/finish area of the open cycle race in Eschborn where Logwin will be present with its own pavilion.

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