Logwin and SportScheck: Delivery by Lift

SportScheck has opened a state-of-the-art flagship store in Munich. Logwin delivers goods on a regular basis – to the fourth floor below ground.

Grevenmacher (Luxembourg) – Logistics service provider Logwin provided support to its long-established customer SportScheck for an important project. The sports article supplier opened one of Europe's largest inner-city sports stores in Munich last autumn. Logwin organised initial stocking and now delivers new goods on a daily basis.

A special feature of the new store is the way goods are supplied since the point of delivery is located four floors below ground, underneath the shopping centre's underground car park and deeper than the tunnels for Munich's underground and suburban railways. "Our drivers manoeuvre their trucks into a large lift that takes the vehicles down," explains Andreas Beck, Manager Scheduling at Logwin in Karlsfeld. There is just enough space in front of the loading ramps to turn. "The time slots for unloading have to be planned and complied with very precisely owing to the extraordinary method of delivery."

Goods from Nuremberg and Karlsfeld

SportScheck's state-of-the-art flagship store is situated in Neuhauser Strasse, one of Munich's premium shopping areas. Sales specialists sell sports clothing, sports equipment and accessories on an area of over 10,000 square metres on four floors. Logwin organised initial stocking from its locations in Nuremberg and Karlsfeld near Munich. The logistics specialist transported some 200,000 articles in 50 truckloads to the sports store over a period of two weeks.

"Logwin delivered more than half the clothing items as hanging garments, saving our sales staff the time involved in hanging them up. This is one of the reasons why we have relied on the transport skills of Logwin for almost 15 years," says Stefan Herzog, Chairman of SportScheck's Management Board. The logistics service provider has been responsible for delivery to SportScheck's current 17 stores throughout Germany since 1999.

About SportScheck GmbH
SportScheck is Germany's leading multi-channel sports retailer. The Munich-based company offers its range of goods on the Internet, in its mobile shop, via a catalogue and in 17 stores. SportScheck was founded in 1946, has been part of the Otto Group since 1991 and employs approximately 1,600 people. Gross sales in the 2012/13 financial year amounted to 394 million euros. Stefan Herzog, Chairman of the Management Board, explains the company's philosophy, "We support and motivate our customers in their sporting aspirations. As a sports specialist we are passionate about organising city runs as well as outdoor and winter events and we inspire our customers to take up new types of sport."

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