Logwin expands its network of locations in southern China

Logwin has opened an office in the southern Chinese coastal city of Shantou in mid-November.

Grevenmacher (Luxemburg) – The internationally operating logistics services provider Logwin opened an office in the southern Chinese coastal city of Shantou in mid-November. The metropolis is located about 200 kilometres north of Hong Kong in Guangdong Province. This marks the fourth new branch Logwin has opened in China this year.

Logwin has been continuously expanding its presence in economically important markets. The company’s customers benefit from the dense, worldwide logistics network that makes possible fast transportation times and high service quality. In Shantou Logwin offers globally operating companies international transportation via either air freight or ocean freight between all the continents. Logwin can also now even more quickly realise pre- and post-shipping processing in the region.

Important economic region

The new Logwin office in Shantou connects the economic centres around Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the south with Xiamen located more to the north. Shantou is furthermore also well located for trade relations with Taiwan: feeder ships regularly run between the ports of Shantou and Xiamen – the most important transhipment point for growing trade with Taiwan. Logwin now runs nine locations in China’s southern coastal region in the following cities: Dongguan, Foshan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Shantou, Xiamen and Fuzhou. Overall Logwin has 29 locations across the People’s Republic.

Shantou – Consumer goods stronghold

A large number of industrial enterprises are located in the port city of Shantou: manufacturers of household textiles and clothing are headquartered here, as are producers for electronic component and telecommunications systems. However the export leader is the toy industry: each year the city exports good valued at US $400 million. Logwin’s customers in Shantou include those active in the sectors of high-tech, consumer goods and textiles as well as the fashion and lifestyle branches.

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