Logwin: 30 years in Italy

Logwin established a national company in Melzo near Milan, Italy, in 1984. The focus was and remains the fashion industry.

Grevenmacher (Luxembourg) – Logistics service provider Logwin has had a presence in Italy for exactly 30 years. The company established an Italian national company as a joint venture in 1984, opening its first location in Melzo, to the east of Milan. Like today, the focus of Logwin in Italy was on the fashion industry.

The initial impetus for involvement in Italy came from a large clothing retailer, who is still a customer today. They wanted to consolidate the goods from their Italian suppliers within the country and to have them distributed to stores across Europe. The joint venture won the contract. The logistics specialist took delivery of articles such as dresses, bags and shirts at its 8,000 square meters warehouse in Melzo and organised distribution.

Enhanced services

After the logistics specialist had successfully assumed responsibility for goods handling, it supplemented the services it offered with national and international transportation, express services and complete warehousing with picking, packaging and finishing. 50 per cent of the shipping volume today goes to Germany, other important countries are Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Logwin in Italy has also been offering air and sea freight services since 2005. The first location was Milan, with Naples and Verona following in 2012. The portfolio of services offered ranges from buyer consolidation and import/export by air and sea freight to gateway services, transport insurance and entire customs clearance. Imports from Asia top the list here.

Logwin currently employs a staff of 39 in Italy. The very first customer continues to be one of the company's major clients. The originally agreed services of consolidation and distribution have now been extended to include others – today Logwin picks and packs goods for shops and arranges for prompt replenishment on demand.

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