50 Years of Fashion Logistics – A Good Idea Celebrates its Birthday

Hanging garment deliveries have been a part of Logwin's portfolio for 50 years. The company is a market leader in textile logistics.

Grevenmacher (Luxembourg) – 50 years ago Johann Birkart had Deutsche Kleider-spedition DKS entered in the commercial register. Its special competence: the transport of hanging garments. This area is now part of Logwin's portfolio of logistics services. Each year over 60 million items of clothing reach their destination ready for sale on hangers without additional secondary packaging. With its package of transportation, warehousing and value added services, the company is a market leader in textile logistics.

8,000 customers currently use Logwin's fashion logistics, with 850 employees ensuring that 80,000 points of delivery receive their goods every day. "For our customers we combine hanging and folded garments since we increasingly transport items such as casual wear in boxes to the point of sale – we're talking here of 10 million boxes, 400,000 pallets and 300,000 rolling carts," says Dirk Ewers, Managing Director of Logwin Solutions Network GmbH. "We also bundle products from various suppliers, organise the exchange of goods between stores and take back outer and reusable packaging as well as returned goods." Besides well-known fashion labels, large chains of perfume stores and sports article retailers also rely on Logwin's experience and service.

International Network for Fashion

Logwin deploys over 600 vehicles and more than 1,000 swap bodies for its transportation network. The company conveys textiles direct to consignees via its 17 sites in Germany and its own locations in Austria, Spain and Italy as well as partner locations throughout Europe. The portfolio also includes global hanging garment transportation. This is made possible by another of Logwin's inventions: the AirTextainer, which is used to transport textiles around the world crease-free, without the need to change hangers, meaning that garments can be easily transported by different means of transport.

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