25 years of Logwin in Thailand

Logwin started with ten employees in Bangkok 25 years ago. Today 85 employees process global air and sea freight shipments.

Grevenmacher (Luxembourg) – Anniversary in South-East Asia – Logwin has been present in Thailand for 25 years. The company started off with ten employees in Bangkok. Today 85 employees handle air and sea freight shipments including customs clearance on behalf of customers from various industries. The national company in Thailand is a part of Logwin's global network: Logwin is represented by its own subsidiaries in twelve countries in Asia alone.

From imports to exports

"At the beginning we mainly provided support in Thailand for customers in European countries," says Wilfried Wedemeyer, Country Director at Logwin in Thailand. However, the picture has changed completely. "Today we focus on imports to Thailand – for example for the local construction supply industry, the IT sector, fashion and lifestyle retailers or the automotive industry."

Most goods come from other Asian countries such as China and Vietnam, but also from Europe and the USA. Exporting from Thailand also works well. Logwin transports products such as paper, pet food, apparel or golf balls to Korea, Australia, Europe and the USA.

In direct proximity to airports and sea ports

Logwin’s locations in Thailand are strategically well situated. The company is represented in the capital, Bangkok, with offices at the port and at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Logwin also operates a third office in Laem Chabang, Thailand's largest port. Logwin employees at the three locations do not just organize global air and sea freight transportation but also assume responsibility for complete customs clearance.

This also applies to major projects. The logistics specialist has shipped oversized plant components and chemicals from Thailand to Myanmar for a company from the energy sector, and stores automotive parts in Laem Chabang, organizing just-in-time delivery to the production facility in Rayong. And a few months ago, when the Central Embassy opened in Bangkok, Logwin organized the import of fixtures and furnishings as well as merchandise for its customers' stores, handling customs clearance and bundled deliveries to the shopping centre.

Local presence for decades

It is a fairly new phenomenon for European service providers to perform logistics and transportation for Asian customers. "Far-reaching free-trade treaties between individual countries have brought down barriers to trade," says Tomas Sonntag, Regional Managing Director Far East Asia at Logwin. "We are benefiting from market liberalization and from the fact that Logwin has been well represented in Asia for many decades. The proportion of inner-Asian transportation has increased significantly and many of our customers are Asian companies." However, Logwin also organizes global supply chains for European companies that produce in Asia and now sell worldwide.

The Asian market will remain interesting for many more years and for Logwin's Asian expert there is no end in sight. "The market is huge and offers a great deal of potential for business."

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