Logwin AG has been listed since 2000.

The shares are listed in the Prime Standard of Deutsche Börse AG, with its comprehensive disclosure and transparency requirements.

ISIN LU0106198319
German SIN A2DRG9
Stock exchange symbol TGH
Reuters symbol TGHG
Bloomberg symbol TGH:GR
Share capital 131,202,165 euros
Number of shares issued 146,257,596
Home stock exchange Frankfurt, Germany
Listed since March 20, 2000
Segment Prime Standard
Prime sector Transportation + Logistics
Deutsche Börse indices Prime All Share (PXAP)
Classic All Share (CLXP)
DAXsector All Transportation & Logistics (4N87)
DAXsector Transportation & Logistics (CXPL)
DAXsubsector All Logistics (4N99)
DAXsubsector Logistics (I1LB)
Key Figures in 2016-12-31 2015-12-31
Closing price (Xetra) euros 2.259 1.810
High / Low 52 weeks euros 2.290 / 1.450 2.170 / 1.150
Number of shares issued pieces 146,257,596 146,257,596
- thereof outstanding pieces 144,219,790 144,444,051
Market capitalisation mn. euros 325.8 261.4

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